Expectations Are High

Expectations Are High

Over $3,000 dollars donated toward Nor-Cal Police and Fire

What is Rizen?

The Anchor, Tree, and Arrow are simply symbolic images representing: knowing who you are as a person, being true to that real you, taking those roots and growing as a person, and understanding that in order to do that you need to surround yourself with good people. Just like a Sequoia needs sun and water, we need love and support. Mistakes will be made; learn from them. Never allow yourself to get in the mindset of "I wish I did that." Always look for what's next, and push forward. Each Anchor, Tree, and Arrow is unique to the person wearing it, and that's what makes Rizen. Thank you to all who support us. We promise to continue growing and pushing ahead! #expectationsarehigh


Absolutely love their shirts (both design and fit) and their snapbacks!

Nick Nowlin

Awesome feel on T-shirt!! Love color !!! Great design... Will post picture of me wearing it soon !! Thank you for quick deliver!!! Stephen and Mary ... Ordering more soon for great gifts !

Karen Lowe

I just got my first RIZEN order in the mail! I absolutely love them and the quality 😊

Naomi Dyer

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